Coffee Art for Beginners

Our baristas, the experts at the espresso machine, are trained at our Berliner roastery on Franklinstraße. Only after having completed the initial course and having trained in latte art, do we let the barista prepare coffee for our guests.

And since we cannot think of anything nicer than tasting coffee the entire day, we thought to ourselves, that you too should partake in the enjoyment of our coffee expertise. In our Barista Introduction Course you will receive insight into the history and philosophy behind Einstein Coffee and gain in-depth knowledge with the help of simple steps to perfect your espresso making skills. The topics include, among others, the fundamentals of coffee in the fields of botany, history, roasting and preparation. The course concludes with a professional tasting.
From 89€.

Our Basic Latte Art Course is more practical in nature and imparts our baristas with the perfect milk foaming technique. The goal is to bring a frothy smile to every coffee drinker’s face, from the classic Einstein Coffee leaf all the way to the heart.
From 59€.

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