Starting back in 1978 our coffee beans have been hand roasted and delivered fresh daily to our cafés. The uniqueness at EINSTEIN KAFFEE is our philosophy: we only use Arabica beans from which the finest highland coffees are made. Along the way, the most important position – that of our master roaster – is handed down from generation to generation. He caries with him the exact composition of our Viennese mixture, the recipe of our brand’s success.

Coffee is a better computer than water, because the coffee molecules are more complex.

Neil Gershenfeld, Scientist

Since the quality of our raw coffee is of the highest importance to us, we travel regularly to the coffee origin countries and are convinced personally by the methods of cultivation, plant quality, and fair trade prices for high-quality goods. This transparent collaboration has been rewarded by many of our coffee plantations with their loyalty for over 20 years.

Visit our roastery on Franklinstraße 12 and have a look over our master roaster’s shoulder.